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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GameXo?

GameXo is a subscription-based portal which offer unlimited mobile games to enjoy. Once you are subscribed to GameXo, you will need an active data connection to be able to validate your subscription status and play the games.

2. How much do I pay for playing the games? 

The subscription plans are priced as below:

  • Daily: Rs. 10 + Tax,
  • Weekly: Rs. 50 + Tax
  • Monthly: Rs. 200 + Tax

3. How can I subscribe? 

You can subscribe to by visiting GameXo and clicking on the 'Subscribe' button.

4. How can I unsubscribe? 

You can unsubscribe from GameXo by visiting the 'My Account' section on the portal.

5. How can I find the specific games on GameXo? 

The games are categorized according to the genre. Moreover, You can use the search option on games.

6. I cannot subscribe to Gamexo

Make sure your mobile data is on during the subscribing process, and check your balance and try again.

7. How do I send my feedback to GameXo? 

You can mail us at [email protected] with feedback.